CSTA Utah Chapter News - Looking Forward to 2023 Conference
As a computer science teacher, you are often the only one in your building, or maybe even in your district. There is a whole community of computer science educators just like you out there. Connect with the world’s largest CS department at the CSTA 2024 Annual Conference, set for July 16–19, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV! 
CSTA is conducting a comprehensive revision to its K-12 Standards with an anticipated release in summer 2026. A three-year process will result in a thoughtful, comprehensive, and evidence-based revision to these standards, taking place across three stages: (1) Research, (2) Writing, and (3) Implementation. Wide community participation will be necessary to ensure a high-quality output. CSTA seeks well-qualified community members to join this revision process.
As the AP tests are coming up, we are all trying to ensure students are prepared.
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Highlights From The Voice 

Here is what you may have missed on The Voice.
  • Free Downloadable STEM Posters: Embed STEM in the School Culture — In this post, author Angela Cleveland provides resources for your CS classroom. Check them out! 
  • Identity Markers & Equity in CS: CSTA Equity Fellow Vanessa Jones explains how CS teachers must explore how their identities and experiences impact the choices they make in the computer science classroom. Learn more
  • The Importance of Equitable Teaching Practices in CS — Monica McGill discusses the research surrounding girls in CS. Read more.
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