The students are all preparing to take the AP exam but many of us teachers are preparing to grade the exams.
The AP reading is a great opportunity to meet other teachers and learn more about how to prepare your students for the exam.
If you are a veteran at the reading we'd love to learn from you and if it's your first year we'd love to support you.
(And if you haven't applied yet we're happy to help with that too)
If you haven't heard about the AP Reading, it is a great opportunity to improve as a teacher.
Applying to grade AP exams can be a rewarding and enriching experience for educators looking to deepen their understanding of course material, refine their assessment skills, and contribute to the academic success of students nationwide. Grading AP exams offers educators a unique opportunity to engage with advanced-level content across various subjects, gaining insights into the rigor and complexity of the Advanced Placement curriculum. By evaluating student responses, graders can identify common misconceptions, assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies, and provide valuable feedback to enhance learning outcomes. Additionally, participating in the grading process fosters professional growth by promoting collaboration with colleagues from diverse educational backgrounds and facilitating discussions on best practices in teaching and assessment. Ultimately, serving as an AP grader empowers educators to play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and validity of the AP program while making a meaningful impact on the academic journeys of students preparing for college and beyond.
If you are grading for either the AP CS A or Principles test in-person or remote we are here to help and happy to meet up. Feel free to email us at if you would like to get in touch with other readers where you're at.