CSTA Utah was organized in 2009. Helen Hu was a big part in getting the chapter started in Utah. The chapter has worked on several projects over the years.



The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) understands that teaching computer science is hard. That’s why our dedicated team and teacher-led Board of Directors have focused on creating a strong environment to support K–12 educators.


CSTA Utah was established as your local computer science community. This chapter was built to connect you with other computer science teachers, provide professional development to help you improve your craft, and connect your local voice to the national computer science education community. CSTA-Utah brings teachers, industry partners, and stakeholders together for the purpose of providing access to high-quality computer science courses and experiences for students in the state of Utah.  


The Computer Science Teachers Association welcomes everyone interested in supporting computer science education to join the national and Utah Chapters. 


FREE membership! Visit https://utah.csteachers.org/


Questions? Talk to members of our chapter leadership team!



Jessica Yauney


Nicole Reitz-Larsen


John McGroarty - President Elect



Christian Waters - Vice President


Mike Wood - Treasurer


OPEN - Secretary

McKay Perkins - Elementary Rep


Summer Marshall- Middle School Rep   


Helen Hu- ECEP State Leader


Ben Smith - High School Rep
Adam Eden - Social Media Liaison

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