Carl Lyman - President
Carl started teaching programming to his 3rd grade students in 1982. He brought his Apple II+ computer from home each day. He taught programming to his students using Logo and Turtle Graphics. His students learned loops, if statements, and procedures. Today it is called "coding". He has spent over 30 years as a teacher, 6 years as an elementary teacher, and over 27 years teaching business, programming, digital media, and IT classes. For over 8 years he has worked at the Utah State Office of Education in CTE overseeing computer programming and other IT courses. He has written curriculum to teach CS using Microbits for upper elementary and middle school teachers.
He has a wife, 6 children, and 19 grandchildren. In his spare time he likes to spend time in his shop building all kinds of projects. His summer project was build a boat out of 1 sheet of plywood. He is excited to introduce elementary teachers to "coding' concepts.
Nicole Reitz-Larsen - Vice President
Nicole Reitz-Larsen is a secondary classroom teacher with 15+ years teaching experience. She has taught everything from AP/IB Computer Science, to German, Multimedia and Business related courses. She loves working with students and is passionate about equity in education and providing opportunities for all students to be successful. She works with teachers nationwide on the site and with to promote the importance of computer science, assist districts in implementing computer science K-12 in schools to broaden participation of underrepresented students of color and females. You can often find her facilitating Computer Science workshops nationwide, presenting at teacher conferences or meet ups because she loves working with educators to provide them with resources, and teaching strategies around equity and inquiry, while creating an environment that is inclusive of all students, as well as in the classroom which she calls home.
Mike Wood - Treasurer
Mike is a Middle school teacher with 21 years of teaching experience (6 in Computer Science).  He started as a French teacher and then added College & Career Awareness and then ECS and Web Development to the courses he teaches.
He teaches at Timberline Middle School in Alpine School District.  In addition to teaching, he helps advise a Robotics team and is also a coach of Cross Country and Track & Field.
He likes staying up to date on the newest courses and curriculums and has facilitated ECS professional development and is currently a Facilitator and Forum moderator for CS Discoveries from