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Hack Club. We're a Vermont-based nonprofit that helps thousands of teenagers learn to code, and hopefully fall in love with making and an engineering approach to problem solving. You can meet some Hack Clubbers in this video from our summer hackathon in Vermont (the projects are amazing!): In 2024 we are launching a new grants program with a challenge to every teenager in America: build a real project, win a meaningful prize to help take your project to the next level. If a teenager builds a JavaScript game, we will send them all the parts they need to build their own game console. If they design a circuit board, we will manufacture it for them up to 5 times - for free. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and anyone age 18 or under is eligible to win a grant. Each grant is valued at approximately $100 in electronics parts, manufacturing costs, etc. There are lots of tutorials for teens to follow online, and in-person events periodically throughout the year to connect with other teens working on projects. The grants can also make great in-classroom activities.